Thank you for considering advertising opportunities with . Our platform offers a unique way for businesses to reach a wide audience and promote their products or services while offering attractive cashback rewards to consumers. This “Advertise with Us” section outlines the guidelines and procedures for advertising on our cashback site in India.

  1. Advertising Options

1.1 Banner Ads: We offer various banner ad placements throughout our website, including homepage banners, category-specific banners, and product page banners. These visually appealing ad spaces allow businesses to showcase their offerings to our engaged user base.

1.2 Sponsored Content: We provide opportunities for sponsored content creation, such as blog posts, articles, or reviews. Sponsored content allows businesses to present their products or services in an informative and engaging manner, integrating seamlessly with our website’s content.

1.3 Exclusive Promotions: We collaborate with businesses to feature exclusive promotions, deals, or discounts to our users. This type of advertising helps create a sense of exclusivity and encourages users to engage with the advertised offerings.

  1. Advertising Guidelines

2.1 Ad Content: Advertisements must comply with applicable laws and regulations and should not contain any misleading, deceptive, or offensive content. Advertisements should be relevant to our user base and align with our website’s theme of cashback offers and savings.

2.2 Ad Placement: Advertisements will be placed at the discretion of [Cashback Website Name], ensuring maximum visibility while maintaining a positive user experience. Advertisements should not interfere with the functionality or navigation of our website.

2.3 Transparency: Sponsored content and promotions should be clearly identified as advertisements to maintain transparency with our users. Any special terms or conditions associated with the advertised offers should be prominently displayed.

  1. Advertising Inquiry and Booking

To advertise with us, please follow these steps:

3.1 Contact Us: Reach out to our advertising team at with your advertising inquiry, providing details about your business, advertising objectives, and the desired advertising option(s) you are interested in.

3.2 Advertising Proposal: Our advertising team will respond to your inquiry and provide an advertising proposal that includes available options, pricing, and any additional details or requirements.

3.3 Booking Confirmation: Upon mutual agreement, we will confirm the advertising booking and provide instructions for submitting the ad content, artwork, or sponsored content materials.

  1. Payment and Terms

4.1 Payment: Payment for advertising services should be made as per the agreed-upon terms and within the specified timeframe. We accept various payment methods, and our advertising team will provide the necessary payment details.

4.2 Term of Advertising: The duration of the advertising campaign will be agreed upon during the booking process. Advertisements will be displayed for the agreed-upon duration, subject to the fulfillment of payment obligations.

  1. Contact Us

If you have any questions, require further information, or would like to discuss advertising opportunities, please contact our advertising team at . We are excited to work with you to create successful advertising campaigns that benefit your business and our users.